Punished in Portland

Book Cover: Punished in Portland
Part of the Sally Justice Mystery series:

Escaping death in Waldport, Sally is grounded in Portland where Randy, her dad, is doing a summer revival of Fiddler on the Roof at the Vic. Sally helps with costumes, but when a newspaper reporter, Marla, who plays Tzeitel literally “breaks her leg”, Sally must be the lines coach for Adrienne, the hurried replacement from California.

Home troubles lead to Bob, Sally’s boyfriend, staying with the Vic’s theatrical guests. Together he and Sally discover Adrienne’s gone missing.

With the role of Tzeitel empty again, Randy prevails on Sally to fill in, rather than Leslie, the off-key understudy. Jason, who plays Motel the Tailor, and who is Leslie’s boyfriend, blames Randy and Sally for stealing Leslie’s singing opportunity.

Michael, a crewmember who tried to date Adrienne, clashes with Elton who’s arrives from San Jose. A murder at the theater and Sally’s subsequent disappearance cap a chain of events that eventually lets her unmask the killer.

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